Why is bill moran on wease show? (2024)

Who are the actors in the Brother Wease Show?

The Wease Show on Radio 95.1 features, co-hosts Deanna King, and John DiTullio and airs weekday mornings from 6am to 11am.

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Is Brother Wease retired?

Radio 95.1 - No Brother Wease isn't retiring! In fact, he just signed a three year contract! Praise Jesus! | Facebook.

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Did Pauly Guglielmo leave the Wease Show?

Pauly Guglielmo leaving radio to run his own food production facility and make his sauce. Pauly Guglielmo, known for his work on the Brother Wease Show, was once asked on air who he'd have lunch with if he could choose anyone, living or dead.

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Is Brother Wease still on the radio in Rochester New York?

He is currently heard on WAIO "Radio 95.1" a classic rock station in Rochester, as well as WHTK AM 1280, a sports radio station. Both of these stations serve the Rochester metropolitan area and are owned by iHeartMedia, Inc.) Rochester, New York, U.S.

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What happened to Megan Carter?

Megan Carter joins Townsquare Media Country WYRK-FM/Buffalo as afternoon host, effective May 23. She succeeds Dave Fields, who moves to mornings at co-owned AC WMSX (96.1 The Breeze). Previously, Carter handled evenings at iHeartMedia Country WDVI (Country 100.5)/Rochester, NY.

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What happened to the afternoon show on 95.1 Rochester NY?

Following the layoffs of afternoon hosts Rich 'Rizzo' Deaver and Jeff Daly a couple weeks ago, iHeartMedia has shifted Hot Talk “Radio 95.1” WAIO Honeoye Falls/Rochester NY has moved to a mix of Talk and Rock.

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What happened to Earl David Reed?

Reed, who lives in Lewisberry in York County, was one of the three members of the station's “People's Morning Show,” alongside Nipsey (Millersville University alum Steven Sacramone) and Jen Shade. He left in 2020 and has since been full steam ahead with projects, ranging from radio to TV to stand up shows.

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What happened to Jeremy Newman?

He shares his entry into skydiving and what happened on the day he decided to collapse the outside of his chute and why he chose not to pull his reserve causing him to hit the ground at over 100 miles an hour. Jeremy died that day and when he came back to life he then had to undergo 13 hours of surgery.

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What happened to Pete Kennedy on the radio?

“The Mayor” Pete Kennedy, a staple on Rochester radio since the 1980s, is off the air as the result of another round of layoffs by iHeartMedia.

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What happened to 97.1 Now FM?

On April 15, 2021, KAMP-FM rebranded as "97.1 Now", and the slogan changed to "LA's Party Station." The station concurrently applied to change its call letters to KNOU, which took effect on April 22. At the time of the rebrand, KAMP-FM was the last remaining "AMP Radio" branded station launched by CBS.

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What station is Brother Wease on in Rochester?

Radio 95.1 - Rochester's Real Talk + Real Rock.

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What is Barry Beck doing now?

Beck lives and coaches in Hong Kong and was the Hong Kong men's national ice hockey team head coach. He is currently the General Manager (Coach) with the Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey.

Why is bill moran on wease show? (2024)
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